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Uncompromising High-Precision

TTB Engineering SA manufactures tool grinding machines for the manufacture of high-precision tools made of hard metal, HSS or other materials.

Customer-specific solutions include clamping systems, loading systems, steady rests, shaft supports to optimize concentricity and camera systems to orient the blanks with cooling holes.

In addition to the common drilling and milling tools, special tools such as cutting knives, hob cutters, impact wheels, indexable inserts and much more can also be manufactured.

An outstanding feature of the machines from TTB Engineering is the extremely high production stability. This means that tools in the µm range can be produced for many hours without corrections by the operating personnel.

Via Industria 9

CH-6826 Riva S. Vitale

Tel. +41 91 640 20 30

Fax +41 91 630 50 49  


Product Overview

  • High precision tool grinding machine with 5 axes
  • Grinding wheel turret with 4 spindles
  • Linear axes with zero-backlash TTB special drive and hydrodynamic spindle lubrication
  • The steady rest, shaft guide and HF spindle can be changed in short time
  • High efficiency through reliable automation for 24/7 operation



  • Compact grinding center with two grinding spindles and grinding wheel magazine
  • Hydraulically compensated X-Z axes
  • Choice of B axis with direct or gear drive
  • Integrated probe, steady rest and shaft guide
  • Optionally with pick-up or flexible robot loading system




Werkzeugmaschinen und Werkzeuge GmbH

Birkengasse 2

A-2551 Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn


+43 (0) 2256 82346



Business Hours:


Monday until Thursday:

07:30 - 12:00 

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