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SCHIRNHOFER Werkzeugmaschinen & Werkzeuge GmbH

The SCHIRNHOFER company, with more than 35 years of experience in high-precision machine tools, accessories and systems, offers you a broad portfolio of proven brands.


Whether for tool-, mold- and machine construction, the automotive industry, in medical technology or as a job contract, we have the ideal solution for your application!


Through our extensive supplier network for accessory and wear products, you get everything from one source!

This makes us one of the leading partners on the Austrian high-tech market.



EMO 2023
EMO show from 18.09. - 23.09.2023 in Hanover

EMO Hanover is the starting point for innovations, important debates and new business partnerships. At no other trade fair in the industry you can experience so many trends and innovations so close - because the exhibitors have long aligned their innovation cycles to their trade fair presence in Hanover.

With the slogan "Innovate Manufacturing", the fair presents you latest technological, strategic and organizational trends. The Future Insights offer you ongoing reports from experts from the manufacturing industry and related sectors - before, during and after the trade fair.

Supfina Retrofit
Supfina Retrofitting, upgrading and modernization

Upgrade your machines to the latest state of the art: retrofitting increases efficiency, performance and durability.

News Bruderer Presse englisch
Bruderer Stamping Application BSTA510-150

stamping - laser welding and linking in one stroke!

TTB Next
The new TTB Next

Stability, accuracy, productivity and reliability are the most important attributes for the NEXT model. The machine is suitable for large quantities or long cycle times, thanks to the continuously high quality in the µm range and the fast-loading operations. 

Test MT100
Hembrug Mikroturn 3rd Generation

The Mikroturn® 3rd Generation is a further development of the existing Mikroturn® 100 in which Hembrug has implemented a number of innovations in recent years. The Mikroturn® 3rd Generation has been further improved in the field of thermal stability, machine stiffness and accuracy when compared to older models. In addition, by applying the latest generation of pumps and motors, noise levels have been reduced by more than 70%.



Werkzeugmaschinen und Werkzeuge GmbH

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